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   POUGHKEEPSIE JOURNAL FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6,1998              Article Continued


Saigon Café suits

Taste for Asian cuisine 

Modest restaurant one of region's gems

By Brenda Buchbinder Sachs 

  For the Poughkeepsie Journal

Owner Hung Truong can attest to the statement "a picture is worth a thousand words."

His modest, funky little 19-seat restaurant, Saigon Cafe in the Town of  Poughkeepsie, is decorated with dozens of pictures. Some are his own photographs of his hometown markets in Vietnam.

Others are the indispensable photographs of the unusual dishes turned out of the compact kitchen by Hung's wife, Hue. When it comes to cuisine with names like  Ga Nuong Chanh,Bank Xeo or Pho Bo Ha Noi,"show and tell" is clearly the best possible interpretive approach.

The Truongs are clearly a couple that knows how to turn adversity into opportunity. When Mr. Truong was laid off from his job at IBM six years ago, he and his wife brought this little Vassar insider's secret from his sister (it was called Lotus Cafe in those days), and for many, it is, an undiscovered treasure.

Any way you like it

He is the perfect spokesman for Vietnamese cuisine, which he differentiates from other Asian cuisines by the use of vermicelli in many of the dishes. Vietnamese vermicelli is made from rice and is a widely used replacement for those with wheat and gluten allergies.

It's best to just succumb to


Hung's enthusiasm and let him suggest dishes to suit your taste. He responded to my dislike of cilantro, by saying that everything is made to order and can be customized to your taste. Plenty of the customers who filled every seat last Thursday at lunchtime seemed to be regulars who new exactly what they wanted.

My husband, Gene, and I sampled a number of appetizers to start, and chose green tea over imported Saigon Beers, fresh

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